Why Choose NOMAPGH
Diversity is at the core of the NOMA PGH Mission. Advocating for diversity and inclusion in the profession, as well as in our communities is no easy task, and we need your help! We need your perspective. We value your opinion!
Community involvement is one way that NOMA PGH gives back to the community. Members organize and participate in educational workshops for youth, such as Project Pipeline
NOMA PGH values the relationships that are created between its members. This camaraderie creates a sense of belonging, which is one reason why our members are engaged and motivated to support NOMA PGH’s cause.
In addition to giving back, learning, and advocating for diversity in the profession, we like to have fun! Members regularly attend social events and are encouraged to have a balance between work and play.
What We offer
As a member of NOMA PGH, you have a network of professionals in the field, locally and nationally, eager to support you and help you further your career, regardless of where you are in your journey. We build healthy support systems that we can depend on.
NOMA PGH has a number of working professionals in the Pittsburgh area that offer mentorship and guidance to members seeking to advance their professional careers.
Members also have opportunities to be mentors themselves.
Professional development is a large part of the mission of NOMA PGH. Networking, leadership, and confidence building are just a few of the skills that you will acquire as a member. Through our committees and chair positions, there are plenty of ways to become a leader at NOMA PGH.
Giving back to the community is one way that NOMA PGH is involved. We offer opportunities to volunteer, be involved in local events, and represent minorities in our Pittsburgh communities.
Become a Member

NOMA membership is open to EVERYONE that is interested in supporting NOMA’s mission, regardless of race, age or profession.

Obtaining membership is a 2 Step Process which can be completed on our National Website. 

Step 1: Complete the Membership Application
Make a Difference
Step 2: Annual Dues

Select NOMA Pittsburgh as your Local Chapter.

CMU Master of Urban Design Candidate, Spring 2019
Chase Kea
Project Designer, IKM Inc.
Alicia Volcy
Project Architect, AE Works
Safiya Hodari
Designer, Bohlin Cywinski Jackson
Victoria Acevedo
Project Engineer | BIM Coordinator, Continental Building Co.
Riccardy Volcy
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