February 23, 2021

NOMA PGH President’s Message:

**image taken during April 2019 general body meeting

February 23, 2021

For the last six years, I have been so fortunate to have followed and trusted the leadership of NOMA PGH presidents before me. From Bill Bates (2014-2016), to Gerrod Winston (2017-2018), and from our latest president Alicia Volcy (2019-2020), each of these esteemed leaders gave our chapter different aspects of themselves in fellowship, mentorship, and leadership. Each being influential and impactful in their own way, and each building up the chapter we are today. And it is with this knowledge, insights, and support in hand and heart, I am excited to continue their excellence in becoming the President of NOMA PGH for the years 2021-2022. I, with the unwavering support of our chapter’s executive board and members, am dedicated to uplifting this mighty NOMA chapter and for the continuation of our chapter’s mission to “champion diversity with the design professions by promoting the excellence, community engagement, and professional development of our members”.

Over the last few years, NOMA PGH has been industriously recrafting our chapter’s foundation and starting our execution plan to uphold our local and national organization’s aspirational and impactful mission. With the support of our dedicated membership and strategic partnerships, NOMA PGH continues to be an organization whose foremost focus is to support minority architects and designers in the city and region of Pittsburgh. Through the work of our three volunteer-led internal teams, our chapter’s foundation, NOMA PGH is creating the opportunities to:

  • DEVELOP our members by expanding professional resources and support
  • BUILD initiatives to support the pipeline of minorities into and through the profession and to leadership roles, starting from youth camps targeting youth between grades 6-12, into college at our local NOMAS chapters, and guiding and supporting through their careers in Pittsburgh firms, including licensure, and beyond
  • DESIGN a future where minority designer voices are being heard in our collective discussions for the built environment that affects us all differently and not just for others to understand the equity disparities in our careers, communities, and lives.

And while we have been doing impactful things here in NOMA PGH to help create the future we want to work and live in, there is much more left for our chapter and for our Pittsburgh architectural community to do to create a more diverse profession. Therefore, my platform for 2021 is focused on ADVOCACY and by being lifted by our strong foundation, we will tackle how NOMA PGH can best advocate for our members, our initiatives, and our programs in the spaces we inhabit, whether it be in our offices, on the construction site, in meetings, in our homes, or within our Pittsburgh communities. NOMA PGH advocates because there is much more work to be done here in Pittsburgh, and it is through our advocacy that we hope that others will follow.

In 2021, NOMA PGH will continue to cultivate our membership from within. We will have a loud voice in advocating for our membership by showcasing all the work NOMA PGH continues to put in to help diversify our AEC community, and we plan to link up with other individuals and organizations who pledge alignment with our chapter mission to continue this important work, together.

But as we know, this work is not NOMA PGH’s burden to hold alone. We all hold power within, and we must all push and push hard for diversity in our firms, in our communities, in our spaces to progress our profession and society. There is much work to be done, and we must all do better. I can assure you that NOMA PGH will continue to do the work, but will you be with us along the way? Will you ADVOCATE with us?

I personally look forward to connecting with you to help NOMA PGH achieve our collective goals for the Pittsburgh architecture and design communities.

Victoria Acevedo, RA, NOMA, NOMA PGH President

NOMA PGH BOARD 2021 – 2022
Victoria Acevedo, RA, NOMA, NOMA PGH President
Angella Dariah, NOMA PGH Vice President
Riccardy Volcy, NOMA PGH Treasurer
Michael Larche, NOMA PGH Secretary
Alicia Volcy, NOMA PGH President Emeritus

NOMA is membership-based organization open to ANYONE who aligns with NOMA’s national mission of fostering “justice and equity in communities of color through outreach, community advocacy, professional development and design excellence.”

To become a member of NOMA and NOMA PGH, please visit https://membership.noma.net/.
For more information about NOMA PGH, please visit nomapgh.org.
For questions or inquiries on NOMA PGH and how you can get involved/join us in our mission, please contact us at nomapgh@gmail.com.

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