FallingWater Tour with PhilaNOMA

The Tour

NOMA PGH knows that you can’t just go to Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater once. There are just no excuses, especially if you are living and practicing architecture in the Pittsburgh area, a mere 60 min drive away from one of the most famous American architectural masterpieces.

That is why when NOMA PGH was invited by PhilaNOMA, our neighboring NOMA chapter in Philadelphia, to accompany them and others from other northern NOMA chapters in touring Fallingwater, it was an opportunity we could not refuse!

The participating members of NOMA PGH used this mini roadtrip as an opportunity to spend some time outside of meetings to catch up with one another as well as to meet other minority architects in neighboring cities.


FallingWater Tour

In May 2017, we met our friends from PhilaNOMA and New Jersey NOMA at FallingWater for a tour of the iconic home designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

Building Tour





1491 Mill Run Rd, Mill Run, PA 15464