Strategic Planning Retreat

Strategic Planning Retreat

On September 9, 2017 the NOMA PGH chapter held a strategic planning retreat in order to examine their current goals and objectives, and plan for the year ahead. Seth Hufford, of the People Group, facilitated a half day retreat for the NOMA Board and the leads of various committees within the organization. We examine the following issues:

Mission & Purpose
Internal Processes & Communications
External initiatives

We began by examining why each of us believes in NOMA, why we joined, and what we believe the organization has to offer. It became clear that there were some common themes around engaging the local community, educating the next generation, professional development and wanting to make a difference in Pittsburgh. Yet, beyond the professional aspects of NOMA, it is clear that the organization holds value as a support structure, and a safe space for members to share common experiences. Given the various perspectives of our members, we looked at the mission of NOMA National, and delved more specifically into what that looks like for Pittsburgh. Our resulting mission statement is articulated below:

“NOMA PGH exists to advance professional equity, through building relationships, promoting and supporting minority architects, and inspiring youth.”

Internal Processes:
We recognize that as a relatively new chapter, NOMA PGH has some work to do on internal processes. We discussed the various aspects of membership, how to increase participation, and near-term initiatives to solidify the organization. We mapped out a communications strategy, both internally and externally, in order to better articulate our mission, attract members, and forge partnerships.

External Initiatives:

While our membership is growing, we recognize that we already have extensive resources within our membership. These include skills, expertise, connections, and networks. We mapped out how to maximize these resources in order to implement both near-term and longer-term initiatives. The result was a prioritized list of initiatives that will have a strong impact but are achievable with our current capacity.

Next Steps

Given the mission of NOMA, we recognize that we must balance activities to support our members both professionally and personally, while also expanding programming city-wide in order to raise awareness about the issues surrounding equity, design and community. Therefore we ended the retreat by committing to an action agenda for 2018, and excited to expand awareness for the organization throughout the City. We celebrated with the first annual NOMA trip to Kennywood, a true Pittsburgh classic!

Annual Strategic Planning Retreat

September 9, 2017


Seth Hufford, Partner
The People Group

Eat N' Park Headquarters

285 E Waterfront Dr, Homestead, PA 15120