Community Engagement

Get Local

NOMAPGH members are a diverse group of design professionals, serving the Pittsburgh community as a part of the nationwide network of the National Organization of Minority Architects. In our own community, our objective is to:

  • Engage with minority youth as a source of inspiration for them and for ourselves
  • Create living, working and recreational spaces of the highest quality
  • Educate underserved local populations about architecture as a career and the role of the built environment
  • Connect our members to each other and to their local community
  • Highlight members for achievements, leadership, and excellence in design

We engage with outreach programs and create connections with National Organization of Minority Architecture Students (NOMAS) Pittsburgh Chapter.

Through Project Pipeline, connections with NOMAS and general discussion throughout the chapter, we empower members to connect with and inspire young minorities. When we endeavor to inspire we always find ourselves inspired.

We promote excellence in design through our members and the firms they represent.

NOMAPGH members represent firms throughout the city and region, bringing together excellence in design.

We educate through outreach and critique of our own work to grow as design professionals

Through outreach events, educational tours and critique, we interface with our community and grow our own work as design professionals

We connect our members to each other and their local community

Through networking events, firm tours and social outreach, we connect our members to each other, their communities, and local firms.

We highlight members achievements, leadership and excellence in design

From events highlighting our members achievements, to special recognition on our website, members of NOMAPGH are celebrated for the excellence they bring to the field of design.