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The technical interview. Nothing like it. Not only does it cause anxiety, but it causes anxiety for several different reasons. How many people will be asking questions? From experience I can tell you there’s nothing like walking into a room and seeing nine people on the other side of the table. Second, what will you be asked?

You’ll sometimes hear people say the questions they were asked in a technical interview were “easy”, which translated means “they asked me stuff I happened to know”.

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NOMA PGH advocates for Minority Architects and Designers.
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When you get to be a part of our webring, you get free exposure traffic as visitors click on the other member sites the webring.
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NOMA’s mission is to champion diversity within the design professions by promoting the excellence, community engagement, and professional development of its members.
We welcome every investment-minded individual to join us in the Condotel Investment Opportunity. You can also freely advertise with us.
Having a baby can be a nerve wracking experi ence for new parents – not the nine months of pregnancy.
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We promote the design and development of living, working, and recreational environments of the highest quality.
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What is your attitude as a small town businessman when it comes to advertising or taking help of an advertising design agency to provide creative design solutions? I bet, more often than not it is on the lines of “What ever is left over, we’ll use for advertising”.

Well, you are not alone. Most of the small town businessmen treat advertising as such, as they feel that they know most of their customers.

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