Our Project Pipeline Programming is designed to provide educational and mentoring opportunities for minority students as they matriculate through grade school, college, and the process of becoming licensed architects upon graduation.

We currently facilitate education programs for youth in Kindergarten to 8th grade through our annual architecture camp and design workshops. Providing students with exposure to architecture at young age gives each child an opportunity to discover their artistic and technical passions early in their educational development. Students, parents, teachers, and counselors can then place students in classes that will build on the student’s interest in architecture and design.

As our older students enter college, we provide mentoring opportunities and job shadow experiences to give students a chance to walk a day in the shoes of an architect. We also encourage college students to join or even start a NOMAS student chapter at their respective colleges and universities.

After college, we support emerging professionals through the Architectural Registration Exams by providing access to study materials, mentoring and study cohort groups.

None of the work that we do would be possible without the help of our local sponsors, community partners and non-profits which all assist with the financial and educational resources that support our students and aspiring professionals.

NOMA PGH presents....


Sunday, December 9th @ 1- 4 pm

Depiction Illustration
100 43rd Street, Suite 211
Pittsburgh, PA 15201

NOMA PGH is proud to present our winter drawing workshop for students in grades 6 through 8 as a follow to our summer architecture design camp.  Highly motivated 5th and 9th grade students are also welcome to join us for a fun afternoon of 3-D modeling, computer-aided drawing, virtual reality, and more!  Students will be immersed in the full experience of turning a simple sketch idea into a fully rendered image.


Joe Skibba of Depiction Illustration, the artist featured below, will be our distinguished instructor and will walk students through the process for creating such an image from beginning to end. It’s sure to be an engaging, rewarding afternoon of learning, drawing, and exploring the professional field of architecture, art and design.

Special Thanks to our Project Pipeline Winter Workshop Sponsor The American Institute of Architects.

Project Pipeline Architecture Camp

The National Organization of Minority Architects has created a summer STEM program entitled, Project Pipeline Architectural Summer Camp. Project Pipeline serves, in part, as NOMA’s solution to increasing the number of underrepresented minorities pursuing careers in architecture. In 2018, NOMA PGH hosted the first Project Pipeline Architecture Camp in Pittsburgh for 6th – 8th graders.

During the camp students participate in a variety of interactive activities that are designed to introduce them to Architecture over a 2-Day period.

Project Pipeline Architecture Camps are taking place in more than 13 cities across the country. To learn more about the impacts that our camps are making, take a look at the highlight video from Project Pipeline Architecture Camp 2018.

We provide an introduction to design for students and enhance their understanding of design over the 2-Day Camp through projects and activities.
Model Building
Each student will engage in the model making process which is taught by industry professionals.
Students will be given the opportunity to use design to address community focused issues.